Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Children’s Books: Great Teacher Projects: K-8 by Laura Mayne

Though clearly intended as a classroom aid for working educators, Great Teacher Projects: K-8 (Boston Mills Press) should not be overlooked by home schoolers or parents with even a small group of active kids on their hands.

Each project or activity is given one or two pages. Here author, 27 year teaching veteran Laura Mayne, looks at each project in depth. She includes the age the activity is suitable for, materials needed, if any and an overview of the project itself and how it might be expected to benefit the children it is aimed at.

“Planet Walk,” for instance, is intended to give kids an idea of the vastness of the solar system using models and some simple materials. “Pumpkin Study” uses that favorite fall-time gourd to teach a number of things, including some basic math and measuring skills and other areas of the K-6 curriculum. “Tap Dancing with Bottle Caps on Shoes” is pretty much self explanatory (which might be why it only scores a single page) while “Hibernation Day,” intended for kids in K to 3, teaches many lessons and delivers a lot of fun all focused around the activity of hibernation. I especially liked the emphasis Mayne puts on books and reading; from a simple sharing time to an elaborate junior book fair equivalent, literacy takes center stage in not less than six of Mayne’s included activities.

Teachers and parents will find a full store of great ideas to help broaden young minds while filling their days. Highly recommended.

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