Wednesday, December 23, 2009

January Magazine Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Books are easy to operate and to maintain. No special instructions or tools are required. But what a gift! Worlds and lives and entire universes can live between those modest little covers.

So what makes a good gift book? That’s easy: it must be just what the recipient wants, needs, desires or -- at the very least -- one that will amuse. And just as there are millions of people with differing dreams and interests, there are also millions of books reflecting all of those dreams, addressing all of those interests.

The gift of a book can be extremely intimate, demonstrating your love and affection with your choice. Or it can be the most generic present in the pile -- a beautiful coffee table book that says: “I don’t know much about you, but I like you well enough to get you something good.”

We hope you have a wonderful holiday 2009! And if you’re still hunting about for that perfect last minute gift, remember: what could be more perfect than a book?

January Magazine’s 2009 Holiday Gift Guide is here.

Have a wonderful Holiday!



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