Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chew on This

(Editor’s note: The following squib comes from Dick Adler, a regular contributor to The Rap Sheet).

I don’t write fan letters often, but here’s one I just sent that I thought might enjoy -- especially if you’re a foodie. It went to William Grimes, a former food critic for The New York Times. The book I’m complimenting originally came out in 2009, but I only just had the opportunity to read it.
Dear William Grimes:

My wife gave me
Appetite City: A Culinary History of New York for Christmas, and I wanted to say this to you -- it is one of the best books I have ever read.

I don’t think we have met, but we have similar backgrounds. I’ve been a reviewer (for
The New York Times Book Review, the Chicago Tribune, The Barnes & Noble Review) and a magazine writer and editor (New York, New West). Now I’m writing fiction full-time. (

What impresses me most about
Appetite City is the complete, absolute sense of trust you create. Usually, my tendency is to check on a writer’s research by finding and reading at least one of the author’s choices [of research work]. I never felt the need to do this with your book. From Page 1, I knew instinctively that you had done this for me. So, many thanks, and best regards.
OK, enough gushing for now ...

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