Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sucker Punch

Author Jeffrey Eugenides is known for many things. He is a winner of the Pulitzer Prize (for 2002’s Middlesex). He is the author of the splendid The Virgin Suicides (1993) and if you haven’t read the book, it’s possible you saw the wonderful 1999 film based on the book directed by Sofia Coppola. Eugenides is on the faculty of Princeton University’s Program in Creative Writing. He’s also notoriously private about his personal life, which made a Page Six item in the New York Post all the more eyebrow raising.

The brief story said Eugenides “was assaulted last week on a New Jersey train by a drunken lout allegedly obsessed with his own genitalia.” The altercation resulted in the author turning up for a photo shoot as well as a party for his upcoming book, The Marriage Plot, with a black eye and stitches. Some authors will do anything for a little publicity.

The Page Six item is here. The Village Voice mixes it up more engagingly (but with no more information: Eugenides and his people aren’t talking about the incident) here.


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