Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gumshoes at the Games

Although U.S. coverage of last week’s opening of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in England was badly muddled by Republican president-wannabe Mitt Romney’s embarrassing blunders and gaffes during a visit to London (one newspaper actually labeled him “Mitt the Twit”), things seem to have settled down since. Which means that between now and the conclusion of the Games on August 12, you might find some time to sample a few Olympics-related crime novels.

Editor-blogger Janet Rudolph has posted a list of mystery novels with Olympics connections. Those books include everything from Manuel Vázquez Montalbán’s An Olympic Death and Off Side to Jeffery Deaver’s Garden of Beasts, Rebecca Cantrell’s A Game of Lies, and Philip Kerr’s March Violets (also worth mentioning is Kerr’s 2009 work, If the Dead Rise Not).

There are plenty of other reading options here.

READ MORE:Olympic Fiction, Fact, and Crime,” by Peter Rozovsky (Detectives Beyond Borders).


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