Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No-Drama Mama to Pen Book Full of “Stuff”

Forgive me: you don’t need to know this. It has nothing to do with literature and only the scantest connection to books. The only reason I even mention it is because it’s been so very long since we had an item labeled Books-You-Just-Don’t-Want-to-Know-About. And when I saw this one, I knew it was it.

Here’s the skinny according to ONTD: Oh No They Didn’t (whose catchphrase is: “The celebrities are disposable. The gossip is priceless” so take everything quoted here with a grain of salt and maybe a shrug if you can manage one), Big Ang Raiola, the No-Drama Mama from VH1’s Mob Wives, is writing a book.
Big Ang said Friday that her first book will be released on Sept. 11 through Simon & Schuster. It's called "Bigger Is Better: Real Life Wisdom from the No-Drama Mama." She said it will include “all kinds of stuff.”
’Nuff said.



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