Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: The Official NASCAR Trivia Book by John C. Farrell

Clearly, if the person on your list is a big NASCAR fan, there are only so many gift ideas available, especially if you live off the beaten NASCAR track. An easy (and easy to ship!) answer is The Official NASCAR Trivia Book (Fenn & M&S) by NASCAR insider John C. Farrell.

As much of a game as it is a book, as the title suggests, The Official NASCAR Trivia Book rounds up a whole lot of NASCAR trivia, then offers multiple choice answers and as Marty Smith notes in his introduction, trivia is catnip to NASCAR fans:
NASCAR fans are a unique breed, among the most loyal in sport. They have a n insatiable desire to learn every morsel of information possible about their chosen drivers, teams and tracks that compose the sport they love.
That being the case The Official NASCAR Trivia Book delivers all of the above in style. A terrific gift for those who take their NASCAR racing seriously.

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