Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Today: Invisible by Carla Buckley

Carla Buckley’s particular blend of domestic drama and suburban suspense is quickly building her a staunch following. Her debut novel, The Things That Keep Us Here, was widely lauded and broadly acclaimed. Her sophomore effort, Invisible (Bantam) promises to please those earlier fans with a tale of secrets in a small town and the lives they hold there.

Sisters Dana and Julie were separated by a secret that ripped their family apart. When, as an adult, Dana discovers Julie is sick and returns to her hometown, she discovers that the illness that afflicts her estranged sister might have impact on the whole town. Ultimately, only she puts together all of the threads that will save all of the people she loves.

Fans of Jodi Picoult and Emilie Richards will enjoy Buckley’s way with suspense and family. Nothing here is ever what it seems. On the other hand, the familial aspects resonates with anyone who has ever had a family. ◊

Sienna Powers is a transplanted Calgarian who lives and works in Vancouver, B.C. She is a writer and conceptual artist.

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