Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Just In… The Indigo Factor by Linda L. Richards

Everybody wants this child.

The teacher who would save her. The graduate student who would study her. The cult leader who would worship her. The CIA agent who would take her apart.

Everyone wants this child, but no one knows quite what to do with her. Not until they determine what part the indigo factor has played in her creation.

Tinged with violence and page-turning suspense, The Indigo Factor introduces us to little Faun Wilkins, the delicate child who may be the messiah. The Indigo Factor skates you to the edge of possibility... then pushes you over. A taut and muscular thriller that takes readers behind the scenes at the CIA, deep inside a doomsday cult and beyond. The reader is left wondering what is real. Indigo children. Telepathy. Remote viewing. Chem trails. In some people's minds, all of these things exist. And what is true? Maybe there is no single truth. Maybe all of our truths are different. And what we take away is determined by what we bring.

You can order The Indigo Factor on Amazon here. Visit Linda L. Richards’ blog here. ◊

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