Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Just In... The Moon is Not for Sale by Wallace Provost

On the airless Moon, where the daytime temperature approaches four hundred degrees and the night drops beyond two hundred below zero, where the sunlight can turn your babies into monsters, the thought of making a home would seem beyond even the wildest imagination.

Tex and Dolly Baker saw it differently. In their fertile mind they turned a hole in the side of the mountain into a womb of life. Here, the cavern roof would protect them from radiation and the solar winds. The rock walls would provide the insulation that would allow them to create an environment where they could not just survive, but thrive.

Here they would create their own little bit of Texas, Dallas on the Moon. Annie Taylor, Cherokee law student came here to help harvest Helium 3, the material that solved the energy crisis, and prevented world war 3. Trapped in the Helium Tower during a meteor storm, she is saved by Clint Baker and taken to the Baker ranch. She has to return to Earth to solver sister’s murder but when the murderer returns to the Moon, sfe follows him. She is appointed Lieutenant Governor of the Moon. While she battles for control of the Moon she arranges liaisons between entrepreneurs on the Moon and homeless people on Earth.

The Moon is Not for Sale by Wallace Provost can be ordered on Amazon here.

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