Friday, August 23, 2013

This Just In… Portals of Time: A Woman’s Shamanic Visions by Rebecca Ra’Chel

Portals of Time: A Woman’s Shamanic Visions is an adventure that takes you on an excursion through a portal into a parallel world. Dr. Rebecca Ra’Chel learns that she is a shaman, obviously her true indentity. Readers are introduced to this alternate world by means of time travel. The book engages themes of identity, moral value, audor and social structure and it answers what every reader wants to know in a Sci-Fi thriller: “What if a person could alter the course of history by entering a parallel but ancient world and be in touch with much earlier versions of herself?” This assumption would permit readers to explore and evaluate that possibility, to live and engage with the indigenous peoples, and return safely to a modern world.

You can order Portals of Time: A Woman’s Shamanic Visions here. Visit author Rebecca Ra’Chel on the web here. ◊

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