Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where Does He Find the Energy?

It seems that Marshal Zeringue, who we first got to know through his terrific Web log Campaign for the American Reader, now has five blogs going at once, all of them presenting opportunities to learn about authors and their works.

In addition to the original Campaign site, we’ve previously mentioned that he has spun off a Page 69 Test site. But he also now has a Page 99 Test site, picking up on author Ford Madox Ford’s assertion that “the quality of the whole [book] be revealed to you” by reading page 99. Then he also has My Book, the Movie, which asks writers how they would like to see their written masterpieces adapted to film. (Bill Crider answers that question here.) And let’s not forget Writers Read, where wordsmiths from Libby Fischer Hellman (A Shot to Die For) to Gregg Hurwitz (Last Shot) and William Haywood Henderson (Augusta Locke) let us peak at their current reading piles.

If Zeringue has a fulltime job beyond all of this blogging, I don’t know how he holds onto it. Given the time he spends quizzing authors and writing about it for these various sites, he must have much better drugs keeping him going than I do.


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