Sunday, March 30, 2008

Book Obsessed

Barnes & Noble continues its scattershot approach to enriching its retail site with content with a really good new addition, Book Obsessed. These are well-produced and interesting video segments on -- as the name implies -- readers who have heard the call of the book and gone beyond, putting together literary collections that would put the best endowed librarians quite to shame.

B&N calls Book Obsessed “a mini-documentary series that travels the length and breadth of the USA to meet folks whose love for books knows no bounds! From New York to L.A., from Texas to Wisconsin, our intrepid crew tracks down obsessed readers and spends time with them, revealing a fascinating glimpse into their world and the books they love. Each week, you’ll meet a new bibliophile who is truly Book Obsessed.”

Only a few Book Obsessed segments have “aired” thus far, including a very interesting one with friends-of-January Jon and Ruth Jordan of Crimespree magazine. You can see Book Obsessed for yourself here.



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