Thursday, April 17, 2008

Understanding Mommy’s Brazilian Butt Lift

This is not a book we’ve seen (and, please: that’s not a hint. We don’t want it) but today in the LA Times blog, trendspotter Monica Corcoran writes about My Beautiful Mommy (Big Tent Books), a book intended to help kids deal with their mother’s plastic surgery:
Now, there's a book called My Beautiful Mommy written by plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer. It's aimed at helping confused kids understand why Mommy got a new nose and higher cheekbones and a smaller butt and a bigger chest and...

Already, the book is being skewered and it looks pretty horrific from the cover.
And I guess having it be mommy specific might have been a business decision. Could My Dashing Daddy be very far behind?

Corcoran has another idea for a sequel, though: “Maybe the next book should be titled: Mommy Spent My College Money on Lipo.”

Corcoran’s full piece is here.



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