Friday, May 09, 2008

New Last Week: Right Is Wrong by Arianna Huffington

Considering everything that’s been going on for the last eight years, we’re pretty confident in suggesting that Arianna Huffington is not the only card carrying Republican who has gone renegade. However, she’s certainly among the most visible.

In case there was ever any doubt, Huffington’s new book -- her 12th -- Right Is Wrong (Knopf), makes it clear what side of the party line she’s sitting on these days. It also has what I’m almost positive is the longest subtitle. Ever.
How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded the Constitution and Made Us All Less Safe.
Ah, sorry, Arianna, could you possibly make your feelings a little more clear? There might be someone, somewhere who doesn’t get it.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the book and you want a dose of Ms. Huffington right this second, her popular Web site, The Huffington Post, is here.



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