Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Captain McCain Meets Obamaman

Though we’ll have to wait to see if this is funny, silly or otherwise, a San Diego-based publisher is planning comic books starring our favorite news hour action heroes: presumptive American presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama.

San Diego’s IDW Publishing, whose recent titles include The Transformers and Everybody’s Dead, promises that this particular dynamic duo won’t be finding themselves in sensational situations. According to AP:
Don’t expect Captain America-versus-Superman hijinks or super-villains threatening the electoral process. Trading sound bites for word balloons, the books purport to tell McCain and Obama's life stories, independently researched and illustrated by a veteran team of writers and artists.

"We're not doing anything that is sensational here," said IDW special projects editor Scott Dunbier, adding that neither campaign was involved in the development of the books. "We're sticking to the facts."

On Oct. 8, the books will be released in comic book shops and go on sale online and for reading on cell phones.
The AP piece is here. IDW can be visited online here.


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