Monday, November 24, 2008

Review: Crimini edited by Giancarlo De Cataldo

Today in January Magazine’s crime fiction section, contributing editor M. Wayne Cunningham reviews Crimini edited by Giancarlo De Cataldo. Says Cunningham:
On their Web site, the folks at London-based Bitter Lemon Press boast: “Our books are entertaining and gripping crime fiction that exposes the dark side of foreign places. They explore what lies beneath the surface of the bustling life of cities such as Paris, Havana, Munich and Mexico City.” And now with the publication of the nine exciting stories in editor Giancarlo De Cataldo’s anthology, Crimini, you can add Bologna, Milan, Rome and Palermo as settings for noir tales that can bring a smile to the lips, a tear to the eye or a jolt to the imagination.
The full review is here.

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