Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not to Be Misunderestimated

Not exactly a newsflash, but Still-President George W. Bush is working on a book. From The Guardian:
After December’s shock revelation that George W Bush reads a book a week, it has now emerged that Dubya is also plotting his own contribution to America’s literary canon once he leaves the White House next week.
Though he has yet to make a deal, Bush said he didn’t think the actual writing of the book would overwhelm him. “Bush was sure that his ‘type A’ personality would mean it wouldn’t be too lengthy a project. ‘I require things to do, and I bet once I get going on this book, I’ll be able to get ‘er done,’ he said.”

As the article points out, the bigger news came late last year when Karl Rove revealed that Bush was a semi-voracious reader, and even read Albert CamusThe Stranger a few years ago. I don’t know: I wouldn’t have expected Bush to be a fan of absurdist literature. Or existentialism for that matter. Or is it just that it’s so very easy to misunderestimate the man? Maybe his book will be a huge surprise to everyone. Or maybe we’ve had all the Bush surprises we can take, thanks just the same.

The Guardian piece is here.


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