Friday, January 09, 2009

Who Crossed the Road?

In a new piece for The Los Angeles Times, Word Play columnist Sonja Bolle asks an important question: why has the humble chicken played such an important role in children’s literature?
Among children’s book enthusiasts, there are passionate collectors of chicken books. What is it about chickens? I wondered as I looked at the new crop of children's books. What do chickens represent? Do chickens have personalities?
In the course of answering her own questions, Bolle visits with some books featuring chickens, as well as a few that don’t. It’s a charming piece and it’s here.

And here’s something slightly related: while you’re reading Bolle’s piece, keep in mind that it is now possible to order The LA Times, as well as many other newspapers and newsmagazines, for your Kindle. Talk about a green alternative: and delivery is pretty much instant.



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