Monday, March 23, 2009

Spielberg and Jackson Tag Tintin

Eighty years on, an iconic Belgian character is getting ready for his close up. The Los Angeles Times’ Henry Chu reports:
He turns 80 this year but still looks 18, with the same fair-haired quiff. Like Madonna and Sting, two other famous blonds, he goes by one name. Mention him and a European is likely to cheer, while an American is more apt to go, “Huh?” But that’s destined to change now that Steven Spielberg is making a movie based on his life.

He is Tintin, intrepid cub reporter and nemesis of evildoers, whose long career in numerous cartoon strips and comic books, with faithful dog Snowy at his side, has made him one of Belgium’s most celebrated exports (up there with chocolate and waffles).
With everything factored in, this looks to be huge. Look, for example, at the theatrical muscle behind the production:
And amplifying all the buzz -- the Tintin-nabulation, you might say -- is a big-budget 3-D adaptation (using a high-tech motion-capture process) from Spielberg, who bought the movie rights to Tintin's adventures more than 25 years ago. Joining Spielberg on the project, envisioned as a trilogy of films, is director Peter Jackson of “Lord of the Rings” fame. The first part of filming just wrapped in L.A.
The Los Angeles Times
piece is here. MTV weighs in here. Previous January Tintin reportage is here.



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