Monday, April 13, 2009

Q&Q Editor Derek Weiler Dies

The Canadian literary community was saddened today at news of the loss of Derek Weiler, editor of Quill & Quire and just 40 years old. Though the Canadian press was aflutter with the news, the most touching tribute I’ve come across thus far came from Globe & Mail’s Martin Levin, who offered a heartfelt essay on the Globe’s blog:
I’m in shock. This morning, a colleague came to my desk, teary-eyed, and told me that Derek Weiler died yesterday. Many of you reading this will have known Derek very well. He was, after all, the much-respected editor of Quill & Quire, which functions as Canada's books-industry bible, the equivalent of Publisher’s Weekly in the United States, though doing much more with many fewer resources.
The balance of Levin’s essay is on the Globe blog here. An obituary as well as a summary of the sad news is on the Quill & Quire blog here.

Weiler’s trenchant voice and passion for his subject and will be sadly missed.



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