Sunday, April 05, 2009

Satellite Radio to Get Bookish Boost

How do you “reinvigorate satellite radio”? Here’s an answer you might not have come up with and it’s a single word: “Books.”

From DC Publishing Industry Examiner:
Starting April 14, Sirius XM’s Book Radio debuts Cover to Cover Live, a live talk show hosted by Maggie Linton and Kim Alexander. Linton jokingly declares that the show’s focus includes “information, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.”
The programming line-up really does seem to be intended to offer something for everyone. (You get that idea when the word “chockablock” starts getting tossed around):
Book Radio’s weekly programming schedule is chockablock with shows for every taste, from, for example, Harlequin Romance Radio, to science fiction on Alien Worlds, to Tales from the Golden Age. Sirius XM Book Radio runs an average of 10 to 12 audio books on a daily basis. Linton and host Kim Alexander, though, are clearly the stars on the channel.
The Examiner
piece is here. Sirius XM’s Book Radio can be found here.


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