Friday, May 08, 2009

Top 10 Worst Moms

In honor of mom (ahem): Bookfinder today tells us who they figure are the worst moms ever in literature.
If there is one person who personifies selflessness, un-wavering love and caring the first to come to mind should be your mother. She cradled you for your fist nine months and held your hand though all the challenges life could throw at you.
Yes, yes, yes. We’ve got it: hearts and flowers. That’s what Mother’s Day is all about. But that’s not quite what we’re dealing with here. As Bookfinder tells us, “not all the mothers in literature come out smelling like roses. Abandonment, abuse, and adultery are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bottom of the barrel of fictional mothers.”

All true, in fact, literature is stuffed full of really awful moms. Here is Bookfinder’s very good list. Can you think of any more?

Meanwhile, if you’re still casting about for something to get your mom on Mother’s Day, May 10th, you simply can not go wrong with a book. Mosey over to your favorite independent bookseller and tell them about your mom. They’ll help you choose something great.


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