Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amis Figures Feminists Will Holler About The Pregnant Widow

Here’s a shock: Martin Amis has said that he anticipates his upcoming book will “get him in trouble with the feminists.” Since that’s a place where Amis has spent much of his career -- in trouble with the feminists, that is -- he likely has the experience to be a pretty good judge. From The Guardian:
The Pregnant Widow, described by its publisher as a tragicomedy, follows the lives of six young people spending a long, hot summer holiday in an Italian castle during the sexual revolution and the “sea change” of 1970.

Amis said he had been told it would get him “in trouble with the feminists”, but he insisted that it was actually “a very feminist book” and that “they haven't got a case”.
The Pregnant Widow
will be published in the UK by Jonathan Cape in February and in the US by Knopf in May.


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