Thursday, December 03, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Lakeshore Christmas by Susan Wiggs

People who love Susan Wiggs’ work really, really love it.

People who love gently soppy Christmas tales really, really love them.

And while it might be true that sometimes those are the same people, there’s something desperately engaging about Lakeshore Christmas (Mira) Wigg’s crisply engaging fictional celebration of Christmas that invites readers along on another visit -- the sixth -- to the world of Wiggs’ bestselling Lakeshore Chronicles.

There’s nothing earth-shatteringly new going on in Lakeshore Christmas. Rather, Wiggs has opted here to put a contemporary spin on a classic Christmas tale. Small town librarian Maureen wants to put the best ever Christmas pageant that Avalon has ever seen. The only thing stopping her is former child star Eddie Haven, whose misbehavior has landed him into a court ordered recovery that shows every sign ruining Maureen’s seasonal spirit. But it’s Christmas, time of miracles. And it’s no likely no spoiler at all to say that no one puts a title and cover like this together in order to give you a crash landing.

Lakeshore Christmas is not going to be everyone’s cup of nog. But every holiday season seems to bring at least one significant feel-good entry. For holiday 2009, Wiggs’ well written contribution packs all the Christmas cheer you’re going to need. Maybe some besides.

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Thanks for this review. I was wondering what the buzz was all about.

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