Saturday, March 20, 2010

New This Week: Momover: The New Mom’s Guide to Getting it Back Together by Dana Wood

Now, clearly, Momover: The New Mom’s Guide to Getting it Back Together (Adams) is not a book for everyone. In fact, if it’s not for you, you already know and have moved on to the next item. Fair enough.

But new moms are a small and predictable demographic. Especially today’s sensibly chic older moms -- Momover’s target audience -- who, once they’ve delivered their bundle of joy, leave the hospital feeling like Ripley after each and every one of those Alien movies.

is part personal memoir, part motivational seminar and part common sense handbook for all of those scattered questions a new mom might have. Momover could be a lame book -- in fact, I was expecting that it would be -- but in addition to being a mom, author Wood is a talented, experienced journalist with a bright voice and a clear eye. “I’m not a doctor, a personal trainer, a makeup artist, or a life coach,” Wood writes. “Instead, I’m an insanely curious journalist who just happened to have a baby late in life and was thrown for a mental, physical, and spiritual loop. Mix those two elements together ... and you get Momover, the go-to tool I wish I’d had tucked away in the hospital bag when I delivered.”

Wood approaches both the physical and emotional aspects of new momness and leaves readers with a strong postpartum guide through a time many women report to be the most confusing and rewarding of their lives.



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