Friday, April 23, 2010

New Next Week: Curious Cats by Mitsuaki Iwago

Internationally known nature photographer Mitsuaki Iwago casts his lens on the common cat with surprising results. Curious Cats (Chronicle Books) is like a love letter to family pets everywhere from someone whose usual oeuvre is somewhat more exotic.

In a way, it seems as though Iwago has photographed these common household kitties like wild animals. We see them comfortable in their own elements: with their offspring, mothers carrying babies, youngsters playing with abandon and rubbing heads lovingly. Hunting, sleeping, jumping. It’s a tiny book and not particularly thick. But the photos are sweet, charming and well-chosen.

“Because as I always say,” writes Iwago in an introduction, “when cats are happy, people are happy, and the world is happy.”

A lovely little book. Cat lovers will be unable to leaf through Curious Cats without a smile.

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