Monday, May 31, 2010

Biography: Larry King: My Remarkable Journey by Larry King

On the off-chance you’re not sick to death of hearing about Larry King, his 2009 biography is now available in paperback. Considering all the King-related news lately, some of the most recent personal material in the book is given a new spin. Even so, much of what made Larry King: My Remarkable Journey (Weinstein Books) highly readable a year ago is no less interesting now. King is, after all, covering many years worth of material. And he does so in a surprisingly engaging voice:
The problem is, the longer you live, the more there is to remember. Therefore, it makes sense that you have a better memory at thirty than you have a seventy-five. I have more than seventy-five years of memories embedded in me. Another day was added to that yesterday. Another will be added today.
King talks about all of his lives: personal and private. His memories of JFK and MLK, the Clintons, the King of Jordan, Mikhail Gorbachev and a whole bunch of Bushes.

He talks about all those wives as well as his children, including Larry Jr. the son that, for a very long time, he didn’t know he had. And he talks about growing up Larry Zeiger in Depression-era Brooklyn and how the fast-talking some time stand-up comic reinvented himself again and yet again to become one of the best known voices in show businesses.

It is a remarkable journey, indeed.



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