Friday, June 18, 2010

Britain’s Best 20 Under 40?

Never ones to take a list sitting down, today The Telegraph responds to The New Yorker’s list of top novelists under 40 with a list of their own:
Given the fact that it has been nearly a decade since Granta’s last “Best of Young British Novelists” list, we set ourselves the challenge of coming up with a selection of novelists to rival the New Yorker’s. In compiling our list we have taken suggestions from a range of contributors and staff – and we offer it up to you in turn as a challenge. If the exercise gives us a snapshot of what our most exciting young novelists are doing right now, it also raises questions about what any list might say about a country’s writing, and about the differences in fiction on each side of the Atlantic.
Somewhat predictably, The Telegraph’s list includes a few names you’d expect, some you might anticipate and a whole bunch you’ve probably never heard of and it’s here.

All right then, before we get tired of all the list making and call it done for another 10 years, why are the Canadians and Australians so quiet? When are we going to have their best of the decade lists?


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