Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poking at Points

When George W. Bush’s long-awaited memoir comes out early next month, comedians everywhere will have a field day. At least, that’s what comedian Dean Obeidallah posits today in a Huffington Post “sneak preview” of Decision Points (Crown):
November 9 is a big day for comedians-that is the day George W. Bush’s new book comes out. Yep, George Bush “wrote” a book. (Pause for laugh.) And the book is 512 pages long. (Pause for bigger laugh.)

You see how easy those jokes were-it reminds me of the good ole days when George Bush would provide us comedians with material on almost a daily basis. To comedians across the country, George Bush wasn’t just the President of the United States, he was “comedy gold.” Little did I realize when Bush left office, how hard it would be to write jokes about President Obama after all that Bush had given us.
Crown has released a book trailer-style video (included below) and it would seem to confirm Obeidallah’s thoughts. Meanwhile, the ex-president is scheduled to appear on Oprah and with Matt Lauer on the Today Show in the week Decision Points comes out. Is he likely to appear, also, on The Daily Show in an effort to flog his book? We’re thinking maybe not.


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