Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Does Salman Rushdie Kiss and Tell?

British television and radio presenter, Mariella Frostrup, is taking legal action against The Sunday Times for saying she had “snogged” Salman Rushdie at his bachelor party in 2004. The Guardian reports:
In an interview with Rushdie in the Sunday Times magazine on 26 September, the paper's interviewer, Camilla Long, alleged that Rushdie “finished the evening by snogging fellow guests Nigella [Lawson], Mariella Frostrup and Dannii Minogue in a game of spin the bottle” at a bachelor party prior to his wedding to author, actor and model Padma Lakshmi in 2004.

Frostrup said she had been invited to -- but never attended -- the party and the claim that she “snogged” Rushdie was defamatory and undermined her professional standing.
Frostrup said the whole thing was particularly embarrassing because the article appeared two weeks before she was due to interview Rushdie for her Sky Arts book show program at the 2010 Cheltenham Literature Festival which, ironically enough, is sponsored in part by a sister publication of the outfit she’s suing.

The Guardian piece is here. You can read more about Frostrup’s book program here. January Magazine’s 2002 interview with Rushdie (no snogging involved) is here.


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