Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Non-Fiction: Naked Fitness by Andrea Metcalf

It’s true: there’s nothing quite as sexy as... well... sex. And if you don’t want to be subtle about it, why not be blatant? It worked for Jamie Oliver a decade ago when he erupted onto the international television chef scene as The Naked Chef and it’s not doing anything at all to hurt Andrea Metcalf and her Naked Fitness program even though, as far as I can tell, there isn’t a lot very “naked” about it. As the author herself writes:
Let me reassure you: Naked Fitness isn’t about working out in the nude or exercising in skimpy spandex for all the world to see. No, none of that.

Naked Fitness is about stripping away all the obstacles, barriers, and excuses in your life that keep you from getting your wonderful body into the best shape possible.
Naked Fitness (Vanguard Press) encompasses a “28 day lifestyle program” that really does cover all the bases “for a slimmer, fitter, pain free body.” Early sections deal with the philosophy of fitness. Or, perhaps more to the point, your own philosophy of fitness and body image and how all of these things fit together. Then, cookbook-style, Metcalfe discusses what you’ll need -- and what you’ll need to be doing in both your head and your life to get to the place you want to be.

A core segment of the book deals with Metcalf’s actual “all gain, no pain” program of gentle yet intense exercise and there is even a very good section just on the aerobic and lifestyle benefits of walking. Then nutrition including, again, philosophy, restaurant strategies and then actual meal plans and even what style of clothes to choose for your body type.

Overall, Metcalf’s program is highly palatable: a perfect gift for yourself. Just remember: owning the book is not enough. You really do have to do the work, too! ◊

Monica Stark is a contributing editor of January Magazine. She currently makes her home on a liveaboard boat in the North Pacific.



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