Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Jordan Fenn to Join McClelland & Stewart

With the Canadian publishing industry still in an uproar at the loss of one of the country’s largest book distributors, H.B. Fenn, it was a surprise to learn that the Fenn family is in the news again.

Jordon Fenn, son of H.B. Fenn founder Harold Fenn and former publisher of the Fenn-owned Key Porter Books, has announced that both he and the hockey and sports-themed books he had been championing, will move to M&S. From Quill & Quire:
McClelland & Stewart announced today the major acquisition of Fenn Publishing, a hockey- and sports-themed imprint owned by the recently bankrupt H.B. Fenn and Company. As part of the deal, Jordan Fenn, the former publisher of Fenn Publishing, will join M&S as publisher of the newly created Fenn/McClelland & Stewart imprint.

M&S publisher and president Doug Pepper was not available for comment on Wednesday, but the deal appears to comprise backlist and titles already under contract with Fenn Publishing. According to a press release, “This imprint will publish the established and bestselling hockey book program Jordan Fenn is renowned for publishing with such great success.”
The Quill & Quire piece is here. January previously commented on the H.B. Fenn bankruptcy here.



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