Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Next Week: Pacific Air by David Sears

Even though the book won’t be published until June 1st, today is a good day to look at Pacific Air (Da Capo) by former U.S. Navy officer and Vietnam veteran David Sears.

How Fearless Flyboys, Peerless Aircraft, and Fast Flattops Conquered the Skies in the War with Japan is Pacific Air’s subtitle but could just as easily be a quite accurate sell line because it describes the book so completely. This is not a fast, light look at an important slice of military history. Sears knows his stuff and is not shy about sharing it properly, with the sort of careful details that serious fans of militaria especially enjoy.

The Pacific theater during World War II saw a new generation of lethal aircraft. The F4F Wildcats, F6F Hellcats and TBF Avengers piloted by superbly trained US military aviators brought a new and deadly dimension to war. Pacific Air is the story of the engineers and aviators -- and their airborne steeds -- and how this not widely known chapter of military history played out over the Philippine Sea.



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