Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stop Missing the 1990s!

Do you still pine for your eight-hole Doc Martens? Or sigh coquettishly at thought of your bra strap slipping out from under your top? Are you still wondering about the mysterious demise of Kurt Cobain and do you wonder just what happened to girl power when your back was turned?

If any of these 1990s images make you sad, just stop it: you don’t have to miss the 1990s. And why? Because they’re back. From NPR:
MTV has decided to rededicate itself to showing music videos, and Newt Gingrich may be running for president (a move that SNL spoofed with an "I Love the 90s" speech last Saturday). '90s director-darling Whit Stillman will debut his first film since that decade later this year. Even our own All Songs Considered team got in on the phenomenon with an entire show devoted to the era.

So literary types can't help but wonder -- could '90s books be the next big retro comeback? Will the big bookstore hits of the decade suddenly become the hot accessory to be seen reading at a bar? Sure, it used to be uncool to admit you hadn't read Memoirs of a Geisha. But could sporting a vintage copy of Arthur Golden soon be the bookish equivalent of kicking down the street in Doc Martens?
NPR explores the question here.


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