Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sheer Sheenius

The big news isn’t that reality star and one-time vampish ingenue Denise Richards has written a book. It’s that her ex-husband, former Two and a Half Men star apparently gone mad, Charlie Sheen, likes The Real Girl Next Door (Gallery) when we’d expected… well… more madness. And what do we get? Endorsements via the Twitterverse. But if Richards is at all like most new authors, she’ll take her kudos as they come. From iVillage:
“Your book rocks!” Sheen, 45, tweeted to Richards, 40, on Friday. “Never thought I’d say it... but loved it D! xo c”

Sheen accompanied the compliment with a link to the book, along with the hashtags #HotMomma and #KeepItInTheFamily.

So what does Richards’ memoir say about her famously unstable ex? She does dish a bit of dirt, like the fact that his one-time bachelor pad “was decorated entirely in black,” with a panic room, a bulletproof bedroom door and a fire pole in the closet for quick escapes. She also describes their seriously unromantic-sounding first date: watching the World Series on TV while each eating their own plastic-wrapped diet meals.
The Real Girl Next Door was published last week.

Meanwhile, when Two and a Half Men comes back this fall, it will be without Sheen. The rumor mill is saying that his Charlie Harper character will be killed off in a two-episode season opener. It’s no secret that Ashton Kutcher is set to replace Sheen, although just how they’ll fit Kutcher into the show is a closely guarded secret.

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