Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Art & Culture: Learn World Calligraphy by Margaret Shepherd

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to learn -- or learn more about -- calligraphy this is your book and Margaret Shepherd is your perfect guide. The author of 14 books on the topic, she is also the person responsible for the classic in the field, Learn Calligraphy. Shepherd is the source on this topic. As a result, CBS Sunday Morning, Oprah Magazine, Vogue and many others have interviewed her on the topic. So if you want to know more about calligraphy, you know where to go.

In Learn World Calligraphy (Watson-Guptill) extends her teachings to scripts of the world. From the introduction:
This book guides you on a trip around the world -- and beyond -- to visit the native land of any calligraphy that interests you. It maps out the landscape of writing and suggests where to go on your visual voyage, offering you many perspectives on the world’s scripts and the calligraphers who write them.
Examples, tips and instruction fill out this incredibly practical and beautiful guide. If this is your interest, then this is your book. ◊

Monica Stark is a contributing editor to January Magazine. She currently makes her home on a liveaboard boat somewhere in the North Pacific.

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