Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bill Clinton’s Back to Work: What Are the Best Bits?

With former U.S. president Bill Clinton’s new memoir, Back to Work (Knopf), out today, everybody is looking for the best bits. The Daily Beast delivers:
In a country looking to regain its economic mojo and self-confidence, it’s easy to imagine why Americans might look back fondly at Bill Clinton, who oversaw an era in which the U.S. felt safe, victorious, prosperous, and assured. With those emotions in short supply—along with jobs, credit, and a host of other things—Clinton’s back on the scene with a new book, Back to Work. The volume is basically a longer version of a cover story the Man from Hope wrote for Newsweek back in June. So what’s in the director’s cut? We read Back to Work and picked out the best parts.
Discover what The Daily Beast thinks are the juiciest parts of Back to Work here.

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