Friday, January 20, 2012

“The Joy of Books” Goes Viral

The latest viral video craze is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, “electronic books.”

“The Joy of Books” celebrates “real” books in stop motion style and well over two million viewers have heeded the call and shared that joy. From The New York Daily News:
There have been many eulogies penned and dirges played to mark the expected passing of the printed page. But even as the Kindle catches fire and Nooks replace more books, there are those of us who stand up for the pleasures of paper.

Sean Ohlenkamp, creator of the vibrant and lovely stop-motion short film “The Joy of Books,” is one such literary soldier. His battle cry comes in his closing frame: “There’s nothing quite like a real book.”
The fantastical short film is set in Toronto bookshop Type. Books come alive after a shopkeeper leaves for the night, much like the toys in Pixar films spring to life as soon as humans leave the room.


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