Thursday, March 08, 2012

International Women’s Day Brings Nordic Women Writers to the Web

Just in time for International Women’s Day The History of Nordic Women’s Literature launches on the Web. The web site came to be partly in response to the recent surge of interest in women writers of Nordic descent. The web site means that international audiences will be able to access more than a thousand years of literary history written by Nordic women. The site includes in-depth material about iconic writers such as Karen Blixen, Selma Lagerlöf and Sigrid Undset and is available free of charge. is an online version of the original print work History of Nordic Women’s Literature, published in the 1990s and documenting Nordic women writers up to that point. The online edition updates the original and digitizes it for a wider audience.

“As of today it is expected that all information is available online,” says Elisabeth Møller Jensen, executive editor of the original, five volume edition. “So through this effort we will reach a much broader audience. At the same time, the online version adds on extra value, because the vast amount of information is presented in new creative and inspiring ways. It makes unique knowledge available and shows the important contribution to literature by women writers.”

The site is fascinating, easy to navigate and it’s here.


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