Friday, June 29, 2012

LP Store Takes Flight

Why shouldn’t the largest producer of travel guidebooks in the world have its very own specialty outlet? And what better location for it than inside an airport?

That was presumably the thinking behind Lonely Planet’s decision to open -- just today -- a single-brand bookshop in Manchester, England’s international airport. Located at Terminal 1, it’s the only Lonely Planet store operating in Europe, though another one can be found at Sydney Airport in Australia. It is such a logical service to provide curious travelers, it’s a wonder that other guidebook publishers -- Fodor’s, for instance, or Rough Guides or Let’s Go -- haven’t tried such a thing already.

According to a piece in The Bookseller, Manchester’s 100-square-meter Lonely Planet store stocks not only as many LP titles as can be crammed onto its shelves, but also boasts “interactive audio screens. In a unique feature, visitors will be able to touch the area in the world they are travelling to on an interactive globe and be given travel advice on it about the region via Lonely Planet’s website.” Presumably, that modicum of electronic information will incite visitors to the bookshop to pick up a print edition of the guide to wherever they’re headed. With 19 million passengers streaming through Manchester Airport annually, the possibility for such last-minute sales seems favorable.


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