Sunday, September 30, 2012

In Barclay We Trust

Over at The Rap Sheet, Ali Karim spends some quality time with novelist Linwood Barclay, an interview that seems to have come about because Karim was simply so blown away by the author’s latest book, Trust Your Eyes (NAL). Writes Karim:
During the experience of reading this new novel, I found myself laughing, touched, puzzled, and horrified. Even as someone who can usually see well beyond technical misdirection in narratives, this book’s twists got me every time. There’s no deus ex machina deployed by Barclay. The clues are clearly visible and in plain sight; but as the book’s title suggests, you have to trust your eyes. That’s something I failed to do. Although this is not a puzzle book, per se -- because its characters are fully realized, breathing a compassionate dimension to every chapter -- it is still a work of labyrinthine plotting, containing all the defects and nuances of human nature.
The interview runs in two parts, here and here.


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