Monday, October 29, 2012

Reading on a Desert Island. In a Storm.

True to form, Flavorwire rises to the occasion by coming up with a reading list to help people get through the storm currently threatening the American Northeast.
In case you haven’t heard, a massive storm is slated to sock the Northeast over the next two days as Hurricane Sandy, combined with a wintery cold weather system (that’s why it’s earned the seasonally-appropriate nickname “Frankenstorm”) threatens to slam into us. If you live anywhere on the East Coast or thereabouts, we imagine you’ll be wanting to stay inside for the foreseeable future, so we’ve put together an essential stormy weather reading list to get you in the hurricane mood and keep you busy while the weather rages. The lights might go out, but books don’t run out of batteries. Just don’t forget the candles. 
Flavorwire’s selections include Ray Bradbury’s Illustrated Man, Bleak House by Charles Dickens and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, because, “Maybe this massive storm has actually come to snatch us up and deposit us in the Land of Oz, where we will defeat evil witches and make best friends with large felines. Hey, we can dream, right?”

The full piece is here.


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