Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Just In… Road Trippn' by Sean McLaughlin

Intimately narrated by its mystical protagonist, John McParadise, a restless writer from Cleveland, Ohio, Road Trippn’ tells the tale of a prescient young man awakening to the joys, passions and sorrows of life, love, and the gradual reality of visions and uncanny events that will forever alter the psychic landscape around him.

Feeling alienated from a split with his high-school sweetheart, John begins experiencing vivid reoccurring dreams, the first of which provides a haunting vision of Judgment Day. Under the maddening influence of the dreams, combined with a timely reading of Kerouac’s On the Road, John begins keeping a dream notebook, writing poetry and developing his own brand of mysticism.

Inspired by a pair of offbeat companions who decide to set out wandering the country and “possibly ending up picking cherries for an uncle in Montana in time for the harvest,” John and several other quirky cronies, including his rebellious younger brother Thomas, embark upon their own series of trips, both externally and inward, spanning the country and culminating in the virile streets of Times Square a month prior to the deadly attacks of September 11th in search of what only they could find.

You can order Road Trippn' by Sean McLaughlin here. ◊

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