Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New in Paperback: The Book of Lost Fragrances by MJ Rose

Last year, when M.J. Rose’s The Book of Lost Fragrances first came out, January Magazine editor Linda L. Richards couldn’t say enough about it:
Rose’s work tends to speak to me in special ways, something I’ve commented on in reviews over the years. Her writing seems to rap up all of the elements of story that just delight me. There is an elegance to her voice, even when the stories she shares are at their most suspenseful.
The canvas in The Book of Lost Fragrances is epic in scope: from both contemporary and revolutionary France to Cleopatra’s Egypt to Tibet’s battle with China. Like many of Rose’s books, there is an element of the supernatural in The Book of Lost Fragrances where murder and remembrances in a French perfume company might be tied into the very mystery of reincarnation.

The heady blend of history, mystery and Rose’s trademark sensual touch have been making The Book of Lost Fragrances a popular book club pick. New in paperback this week from Atria.



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