Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Just In… Betrayal by Serpent by Judith M. Kerrigan

Seven years after the death of her husband in a fiery plane crash, Anna Kinnealy believes all the trauma and struggle she and her children have endured will be ended when he is declared legally dead. But there is murderous revenge on someone’s agenda, a police investigation into their lives, and secrets slowly emerging that demand Anna dig into the past before they all become victims of greed and hatred.

Betrayal of the Serpent takes readers on a journey from Green Bay, Wisconsin, to the jungles of the Yucatan and back. Anna discovers courage she never thought she had, betrayal so painful she can only put her head down and weep, depths of rage she never knew she could feel, and two men whose love for her completely changes her life.

Author Judith M. Kerrigan is a visual artist, amateur photographer and writer. Betrayal by Serpent is her first novel and reflects considerable life experience and insight into the character and actions of people. Two more books are planned for this series, Crocodile Waters, scheduled for 2014 and The Jaguar Hunts planned for 2016. As an expressive arts therapist, Judith uses and teaches the arts to effect healing from trauma and to ease symptoms of stress. Following the dictum, “Healer, heal thyself,” she originally started writing Betrayal by Serpent to alleviate symptoms of her own secondary post-traumatic stress. It worked.

For an excerpt from the book and much more about its characters, as well as illustrations Judi created depicting The House and Mayan glyphs referred to in the text, and even more, examples of her art, photography, and poetry, go to www.judithkerriganribbens.com.

Visit author Judith M. Kerrigan on the web.

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