Friday, March 22, 2013

Children's Books: Big Nate Flips Out by Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce is back with the fifth installment in the Big Nate series. This time around, Nate is signing on as a candid photographer for his school yearbook. The one problem: the only way he can get a camera is by having his friend get it. So, if he loses it, his friend gets the blame. When Nate loses the camera because of his messiness, he and his friend split. So, he decides to clean up his act -- literally! Nate goes to a hypnotist to make him a neat person. But soon, his blessing turns into a curse. How will he get back his friend, and how will he rid himself of his neatness? Pick up Big Nate Flips Out to find out!

Big Nate Flips Out (HarperCollins) was amazing. An intriguing and quick read, this book will quickly pull you in and hold you there until you finish. Nate’s exaggerated comics are major laughs, and a clever and comical way to explain the situations Nate is facing. The best part of the book are the small details in the pictures. Everything that’s happening in the background gives you laugh, such as a bully bullying someone, or a character off to the side hitting on a girl. The book has a real uniqueness to it, where Nate has a special code which we decode every time he uses it as a note to his friends. Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid will love this comic-filled graphic novel.

Lincoln Peirce is comic writer and the author of the famous Big Nate comic strip. He has been most recently recognized for his Big Nate novels, which have received lots of attention. He lives in Maine with his wife and kids. ◊

Ian Buchsbaum is a kid who loves to read. In fact, the only thing he loves more than reading is writing. He loves writing about books -- and he’s already writing one of his own.

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