Monday, April 08, 2013

This Just In… The Brotherhood of the Holy Sword: Book One in the Chronicles of Amarcain by Thomas A. Rice

Two infants are found on the steps of the Cathedral Abbey in the Dukedom of Ravendune. The Priests discover that these two bear a sacred birthmark known as The Mark of the Holy Sword. The orphans are brought to the Duke of Ravendune and asked to raise them as his own. The Duke, having no heirs, agrees to this and so the wheel is set in motion.

Eighteen years later and the twins, Eric and Brandin, have become Knights of the Brotherhood of the Holy Sword. But the legends speak of three who bear the mark. The question remains: Who is the third and where are they?”\

As the twins journey throughout Amarcain, they discover the truth behind their origins and finally meet the mysterious third who bears the Mark of the Holy Sword.

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