Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Just In… I’ll See You in Your Dreams by Tony Miller

Charlie was a ghost hunter who didn’t really believe in ghosts, but he believed in the effect being a ghost hunter had on girls. He thought he had perfected the ultimate pick up line, “I’m a ghost hunter.” All that came crashing down when he met his soulmate… a ghost.

While photographing a Victorian mansion he was startled to meet the ghost of Anne Meux. She died in 1970 at age 85. In ghost form, she was only 25 and beautiful. Charlie found himself in a riveting conversation. Who was she? Where was she? What was she doing in her old room?

After their conversation, Tony asked himself: Why was he madly in love with an apparition? Or, even worse, a hallucination? If she was in a parallel universe, could he bring her back to his time and place? His best friend Stanley was the smartest guy he knew. Stanley was working on his PhD in Physics. Surely he could figure this out.

Presented with the idea, Stanley was intrigued and agreed to help his best friend. A physicist, Stanley was well aware of parallel universes and the duality of the universe. Stanley was convinced that science and religion were two sides of the same coin. The dogma in both seemed to prevent the ultimate discovery of “truth.” He enjoyed asking the curious: “Since ‘space’ was created by the big bang…what did it go bang in?” and “If God created it all by saying ‘Let there be light!’ who was he talking to?” And the ultimate question: “What was there just before the bang or Gods command?” The same answer.

You can order I’ll See You in Your Dreams here. Visit author Tony Miller on the web here. ◊

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