Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Just In… Bobby Convict, School of Hard Knocks by Bobby Wilhelm and Faye Higbee

Note: It is suggested that readers of the print version of Bobby Convict, School of Hard Knocks read with a UV light in order to see the invisible ink entries scattered throughout the book.

Drop the book and no one gets hurt! Ahh, so you’re a rule breaker yourself. Ok, fasten your neck brace for the rollercoaster ride of disbelief or neck-breaking laughter at the antics of a misguided youth. Grandpa Louie passed down his legacy of bootlegging, gambling and pool sharking to me, and I one-upped him by becoming the Drug Kingpin of the Northwest. I was chased by the cops as a six year old kid, a wild teenager, and a major drug trafficker.

These nefarious adventures take you through the underbelly of the drug world where readers meet notorious criminals, including three made Mafia members, the Spokane Serial Killer, the accused Tylenol Killer, an Aryan Brotherhood shot caller and the Oklahoma City Bomber. My domestic terrorism of drug trafficking cost me 16 years in the School of Hard Knocks (prison) and eventually saved me from myself through redemption. 97 people were interviewed for this book. Don’t believe them. They’re jealous and out to get me. I sure hope the Statute of Limitations is up or I’m screwed.

According to Idaho State Police Drug Agents, Bobby was considered one of the highest level drug traffickers Idaho law enforcement ever pursued. “He was a real challenge and we enjoyed the hunt.”

You can order Bobby Convict, School of Hard Knocks here and here. ◊

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